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Financial Services

AUSUN financial consulting and services group has years of experience and professional financial advisors. In the current economic and financial environment, we provide professional investment advice, risk analysis, and the commercial and personal loans.

Cooperated with Chinese department
JINYOU Small Loan Co.,Ltd  adheres to the principle of "honest and trustworthy, convenient and common development" and "simple, prudent and small" to provide personal loans, corporate loans, individual business loans and farmer loans etc.

Based on Australian Market

We base ourselves on the Australian domestic capital markets, raising the risk of high-yield medium risk capital, through appropriate risk control measures in the project yields the same circumstances, reduce market risk, currency risk, interest rate risk and manage risk. Our team is familiar with finance, marketing and management. In particular, has a unique understanding of risk. We are willing to provide our customers with low-risk high-yield fund products, and practice our entrepreneurial spirit. Dynamic management and financial control of the core work , with sound aggressive stance , wind and rain with the customer -friendly, with a total customer risk , share capital in mainland China as the depression brought about rapid economic growth because more than 25% per year capital gains .

We are customer centric by understanding and valuing our customers. We provide exceptional and efficient financial service. If you have any mortgage or finanical needs, please contact us!

Butler's services

We offer a butler’s loan services, including:


  1. Mortgage overseas students in Australia to achieve learning and Homes.
  2. People overseas / immigrants first set of residential property loans, to help you smooth transaction.
  3. The existing owner-occupied property loans refinancing, benefit from lower interest rates.
  4. Existing investment property loans refinancing for more AUD cash flow, investments need to prepare.
  5. Commercial Property / immigrant business loans, to help you get maximum return on investment.
  6. Large real estate development project loans, real estate core resources with Australia.
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