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Consultant Services

Ausun Consultant Company provides most professional real estate development services, large-scale investment
project consulting service, management service and other services.


In the past decade, we have had many successful stories assisting Chinese enterprises to invest in local industries
such as real estate, agriculture, commerical fishing, mining, medical research and development.

  • Agriculture, Stock-breeding, Aquaculture
  • Tourism and Entertainment
  • Mining
  • International Education and Immigration
  • Medical, Health and Aged Care
  • E-commerce
  • Enviroment Protection and New Energy
  • Technological Innovation
  • Property Development
  • Premium Food, Beverage and Fast-moving Consumer Goods
  • Financial Services


Tel: 02 9267 8839  Fax: 02 9267 8837   Email:admin@ausun888.com.au

Address: Suite 9, Level 3, Sun Tower, 591 George Street, Sydney 2000, Australia